Microbiology Reader <nobr>Bioscreen C</nobr> in operation.Microbiology reader Bioscreen C



Computer Requirements


A recommended processor speed is 1.5 GHz or more.

RAM Memory
For short experiments i.e. for experiments with less than 100 kinetical points (OD measurement cycles) at least 2 GB of a total physical memory (RAM memory) is needed.

For longer experiments i.e. for experiments with more than 100 kinetical points 3-4 GB of a total physical memory (RAM memory) is recommended to use.

Hard Disk
Hard disk recommended size is 60 GB or more.

Operating System
Supported operating systems are:

MS Windows 7
MS Windows 8.1
MS Windows 10
MS Windows 11
(Note: a 32-bit version of Windows must be used; you can install a 32-bit Windows on either a 32- or 64-bit processor computer)

MS Excel
Supported MS Excel versions are:

MS Excel 2016
MS Excel 2019
MS Excel 2021

COM Port
A computer must have an inbuilt COM port.

A default English-US international configuration of MS Windows or MS Office should be used.

It is recommended to reboot a computer before each start of Bioscreen C experiment.